Stan Tracey albums
Alone at Wigmore HallStan Tracey Alone at Wigmore Hall
Cadillac Records - SGC 1003

"The Music is entirely improvised, without preparation or musical points of reference. The piece develops from the first musical thought until I feel the shape it is taking. I develop it from there to its logical conclusion. There are as many interpretations of the music as there are listeners.
I hope you enjoy yours.

Stan Tracey   

Engineering: Peter Bould & Peter Ball
Producer: John Jack - Cadillac Music
Notes: © Miles Kington "The Times" London
For those who know Stan Tracey's playing well, it's difficult to realise that many people have never heard of him. Some know that he played piano for all the visiting celebrities at Ronnie Scott's for many years. Some remember his great "Under Milk Wood" LP. A few still remember him as Ted Heath's pianist. But this still leaves a great many people who don't know what Stan Tracey sounds like today, especially when playing piano alone.
There are two ways of finding out. One is to play this record as often as possible. The other is to believe me when I say that he is probably the most exciting pianist playing today. I am biased, of course, because I was lucky enough to be at the Wigmore Hall when this recording was made and anyone who hears Stan Tracey in full flight at the piano is bound to be biased. So let me just say that I would rather listen to Tracey in action than the greatest Chopin recitalist alive or the most gifted pop instrumentalist. He doesn't play jazz, he doesn't play avant-garde, he doesn't just have the best sense of rhythm and harmony of any pianist around, he has all this and more....
On second thoughts, there is only one way of finding out. Listen to him playing.
When I am a millionaire with time on my hands - and it only need eight more draws now - I shall spend a lot of my leisure devising ways to make Stan Tracey as famous as he deserves. I shall enter him simultaneously for Opportunity Knocks and the Moscow Piano Prize. I shall give away free Stan Tracey T shirts with every concert. I shall pester the BBC until they give him his own series. I will travel the country with an aerosol paint can, writing STAN TRACEY RULES OK? on every available wall. I will hire George Melly and Mick Jagger to coach him for his public appearances. I will pay thousands of teenage girls to scream outside his house until until two in the morning. I will announce that there is no truth to the rumours. I might just let journalists interview him, for a nominal fee of 1,000. I will have him photographed with Twiggy (Stan Tracey is the one in the suit). If necessary, and only if absolutely necessary, I will let him appear in "This Is Your Life".
But mostly, I will just make people listen to his playing. That should do it.