Stan Tracey albums
South East AssignmentSouth East Assignment
Steam (LP) SJ 108
Engineered by / Peter Ball / Paul Hardiman / Dave Lawson
Mastered by / Ray Staff / Trident Studios / London
Recorded by / Dave Lawson Recorders / London, June 12, 1980
Sleeve design / Penny Taylor
Map reproduced by courtesy of Geographia Ltd

Notes: © Stan Tracey When I was commissioned by the South East Arts Association to write this music my first problem was to find a theme. In the hope that something might spring to mind, I looked at a map of the South East of England and discovered a fund of wonderful names and my problem was solved. I rejected such gems as Muddles Green, Upper Dicker, Lower Dicker, Whitemans Green and Grafty Green, in favour of the chosen titles, which seemed to me to match the music."
"This work was commissioned by South East Arts Association and received its first performance as part of a tour organised by the Association in conjunction with the Jazz Centre Society in the Spring of 1980."