Stan Tracey albums
  • All compositions by SURMAN / TRACEY
  • Recording produced by Stan Tracey, John Surman, Peter Bould & Peter Ball.
  • Recorded on April 24 & 25, 1978, at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. Notes: © John Surman

    Whilst these notes are not essential to the music, Stan and I felt that since we've hardly worked together before in public, some folk might be interested to know a little about the way in which we set about it.
    With the exception of two of the pieces, all the music on the album came about as a result of Stan and myself improvising together without any prior arrangement as to form or content. 'Escape from Waterloo', 'Still on the Run', 'Fleeting Glances' and 'Chalk Blue' appear exactly as they were originally recorded in the recital room at Bracknell.
    Before 'Chalk Blue' was recorded we decided on a basic harmonic framework to help keep the 'ballad feeling' together and give us a different kind of improvising freedom.
    As with 'Chalk Blue', we arrived at a basic harmonic pattern in 'Summer Hobo' to give us another parameter to work within - thus allowing other kinds of freedom of choice. From the outset we felt that it would be interesting to use the possibilities of synthesisers etc. although 'Murphy's Dream' is the only piece that we embarked upon with any clear idea of what might be added later. Originally the piece was recorded with piano and tenor recorder, Stan adding a bass-line on the ARP Odyssey while I played a counter line on the MOOG. On the remainder of the pieces the electronics are used to help 'colour' the sound of the basic improvisations and put them into a slightly different perspective.
    The question of 'Who Does What?' in terms of the electronics on these tracks is difficult to answer, since we both played a little of everything