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Sal Nistico - Live in LondonLIVE IN LONDON
Recorded in London, March 20, 1985.
Notes: © Dick Knowles.

Over the years Sal Nistico has been a frequent visitor to London. During one such occasion in the summer of 1964, when he was powering the sax-section of the visiting Woody Herman Herd, he sat in with the house band at Ronnie Scott's Old Place in Gerrard Street. The pianist was Stan Tracey, and that musical encounter made a lasting impression on the young saxophonist.
Almost twenty years later, in 1984, when Sal and I first discussed the possibility of a UK tour, he was insistent that the pianist should be Stan Tracey. That arrangement received Stan's approval, and in March 1985 Sal Nistico played a three week national tour with Stan Tracey's regular quartet. This live recording at the Bass Clef in London's East End was only the second engagement of that tour. At many of the venues where the quintet worked it was billed as 'The Battle Of The Giants'. Giants, yes. Battle, no. This was musical confrontation which was leavened by a good deal of musical respect between those involved, and, at the end of the day, a good deal of satisfaction with the music produced. It is fortunate that the results of this Anglo-American collaboration were committed to record.